Engels 200 – his contribution to political economy 2020
Friedrich Engels was Karl Marx’s close collaborator and life-long friend. But his economics has been sadly neglected, being lost under the large shadow of Marx’s Capital and his other economic works. And yet, Engels was the first to present a critique of the contemporary classical political economy of Smith, Ricardo and Malthus from a Marxist perspective – that is before Marx himself. Michael Roberts outlines, explains and analyses Engels’ contribution to a Marxist critique of political economy and capitalism and its relevance today.

World in Crisis; Marxist Perspectives on Crash & Crisis: A Global Analysis of Marx’s Law of Profitability 2018
Most mainstream economists view capitalism’s periodic breakdowns aare nothing more than temporary aberrations from another wise unbroken path toward prosperity. For Marxists, this fundamental flaw has long been acknowledged as a central feature of the free market system. This groundbreaking volume brings together Marxist scholars from around the world to offer an empirically grounded defense of Marx’s law of profitiability and its central role in explaining these capitalist crises.

Marx 200 – a review of Marx’s economics 200 years after his birth 2018
Marx’s economic theories 200 years after his birth in 1818. Marx’s main ideas about the development of capitalism as the dominant mode of social organisation globally. And the critics of Marx’s ideas over the last 150 years. Finally whether Marx’s predictions about the future of capitalism have been and will prove to be right.

The Long Depression 2016
Setting out from an unapologetic Marxist perspective, The Long Depression argues that the global economy remains in the throes of a depression. Making the case that the profitability of capital is too low, and the debt built up before the Great Recession too high, leading radical economist Michael Roberts persuasively presents his case that this depression will persist until the profitability of capital is restored through yet another slump.

The Great Recession 2009
The Great Recession of 2008-9 was the worst slump in the world economy since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Michael Roberts forecast that it would happen a few years before and in this book he explains why the Great Recession happened – relying on Marx’s analysis of the laws of motion in a capitalist economy. And he makes predictions of whether and when it could happen again.