ASSA 2022: part two – the heterodox

In this second post on the annual ASSA economics conference, I look at the papers and presentations made by radical and heterodox economists.  These presentations are mostly under the auspices of the Union of Radical Political Economics (URPE) sessions, but the Association of Evolutionary Economics also provided an umbrella for some sessions. The mainstream wasContinue reading “ASSA 2022: part two – the heterodox”

Forecast for 2022

At the beginning of each year, I make an attempt to forecast what will happen in the world economy for the year ahead.  The point of making any forecast at all is often ridiculed.  After all, surely there are just too many factors to feed into any economic forecast to get even close to whatContinue reading “Forecast for 2022”

Top ten posts of 2021

I began this blog eleven years ago. Over those years, I have posted over 1000 times with over 4 million viewings. There are currently 6100 regular followers of the blog up from 5300 last year; and 11500 followers (up from 10500 last year) of the Michael Roberts Facebook site, which I started six years ago. Continue reading “Top ten posts of 2021”

Books of the year

This is not a review of the best books of the year, but a reminder of the books that I have reviewed during 2021.  In this second year of COVID, let’s start with Adam Tooze’s Shutdown.  Tooze is the liberal left’s current favourite historian.  And Tooze is the ultimate ‘historian of the moment’.  By thatContinue reading “Books of the year”


The 15th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) took place on 18-19 December.  It was held physically at the Shanghai International Studies University, China; but was complemented by virtual panels with a large number of Marxist economists from outside China participating.  There were around 200 papers presented on a range of subjects:Continue reading “WAPE 15”

Chile: copper-bottomed?

The victory of former student leader and activist Gabriel Boric in Chile’s presidential election is the culmination of a sweeping change of mood and direction among Chilean voters.  In a 56% turnout, the highest since voting was made voluntary, 35-year old Boric took 56% of the vote compared to ultra-right Antonio Kast’s 44%.   BoricContinue reading “Chile: copper-bottomed?”

World inequality

The world has become more unequal in income and wealth in the last 40 years.  That’s according to the World Inequality Report 2022, available here.  Produced by the World Inequality Lab, run by Thomas Piketty and a group of over 100 analysts from around the world, the report has the most up-to-date and complete data on theContinue reading “World inequality”


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