Top posts of 2014 and a new book for 2015

Once again, I give you my most read posts of the year.

1. Global wealth inequality: top 1% own 41%; top 10% own 86%; bottom half own just 1%.
First published in October 2013, it quickly became last year’s winner and held its top spot this year, scoring nearly four times as many views as any other post in this list in 2014, even though it was updated with the latest global wealth report in October 2014.

2. David Harvey, Piketty and the central contradiction of capitalism
This was posted last May and has received a boost in viewing from a later post on my debate with David Harvey on the rate of profit (see below).

3. Marx blogged to death
This came out last March in response to a New York Times discussion by various mainstream economists about whether Marx was right after all about capitalism.

4. Is inequality the cause of capitalist crises?
The most popular of my several posts on the most fashionable subject of 2014: rising inequality in modern economies (see below).

5. Ukraine: Hobson’s choice
The first of three posts on Ukraine – a major political hotspot in 2014.

6. Marxism in London, socialism in Slovenia
A post on my presentation on the world economy in depression at last summer’s Marxism festival in London.

7. A world rate of profit revisited with Maito and Piketty
A post that combines a critique of Thomas Piketty’s ‘best business book of the year ‘(FT) with my evidence on the movement in the world rate of profit and the exciting new work of Esteban Maito.

8. David Harvey, monomaniacs and the rate of profit
Only published in mid-December, this post has raced into the charts, as readers consider the arguments presented by David Harvey against Marx’s law of profitability as the cause of crises and my defence of that position.

9. Piketty – in French, it’s worse
A post reviewing early critiques of Piketty from France and that famous quote where Piketty admits he has not read Marx’s Capital, although he pinched the title for his book.

10. Scotland: yes or no?
The post where I present the economic arguments for and against Scotland separating from the United Kingdom – the burning issue for the British labour movement in 2014.

Essays on Inequality by Michael Roberts

Essays on inequality

I have published a short book on all the issues of inequality in modern economies. It’s a series of essays based on my posts over the last few years on the subject. If you have read all my posts, you still might find it useful as a one-stop source on the issues of inequality. And there are also essays not previously published in the book. It’s short but (hopefully) sweet.

The physical book is available on Createspace here at

and at Amazon US and Amazon UK (as well as other sites) shortly

at the exorbitant price of $12.99 and £8.99 (I could not get the price any lower!).

But there is a Kindle version for just $2.99 ( for the US

and £1.99 for the UK

Also available on other world sites.

If I make any royalties from this (which I doubt!), I plan to use it for something worthwhile for Marxist economics (suggestions welcome).

4 thoughts on “Top posts of 2014 and a new book for 2015

  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the blog and if you make any royalties on the book, how about a book: “Marx v Keynes: underconsumption demolished”?

  2. Thanks for a year of interesting articles, Michael. I’m sure 2015 will bring us a lot more interesting thoughts from you.
    I wanted to suggest you creating a facebook page for this blog. Not an account to use or add friends or anything, more like those pages where you can click “like” to subscribe. That way you can post your new blog posts/thoughts/anything and people who subscribed to it will get them. It also will make it for easier sharing of your posts. Maybe a twitter account would be nice to follow too.
    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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