From Private Eye: Greece will miss target

The Greek government admitted today that it would miss its target demanded by the troika of lenders to utterly obliterate its economy and create 100% unemployment.  “While we have made major steps towards the total destruction of our country, much work remains to be done”, admitted a scared-looking government spokesman, having petrol bombs hurled at him.  “I’ve just sacked myself, does that help?”  The troika said that the total collapse of the Greek economy must be achieved if Greece is to qualify for billions more euros in loans, which are needed to keep the country going, due to the total collapse of the Greek economy.


3 Responses to “From Private Eye: Greece will miss target”

  1. BrianJay Says:

    So now your quoting from an article written by Chris Booker, who I believe is a bit right wing.

    There is a new alignment coming up and it won’t be left vs right.

  2. michael roberts Says:

    I thought it had an element of truth – the Greek economy is being destroyed by the Troika.

  3. ghdeacon Says:

    Michael. Very good. I like the analysis of PI. A little more satire makes for clarity of thought.

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